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General terms and conditions of PES Canada

Legal notice and privacy policy


PES Canada collects information only when you fill in the request for information form or when you contact them by e-mail. If you wish to receive publications from PES Canada please consult the contact section and fill in the subscription form for the mailing list. A person who subscribes to the mailing list can unsubscribe from this list at any time upon receipt of a publication from PES Canada. PES Canada will not use your personal information for purposes other than those described in the present Privacy Policy statement without having obtained your prior consent. PES Canada however, reserves the right to disclose the information regarding the users of its website in the following situations: to conform to a law or regulation, to ensure its defence in the event of legal action or to protect its rights or those of the users of its site.



The website of PES Canada contains links to external Websites for which it does not manage the content. The external links present on this Website shall not be considered as recommendations and are placed on the site for information purposes only. PES Canada is not responsible for the information contained outside its own website and cannot offer a guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. The present Privacy Policy statement does not apply to these sites.



PES Canada reserves the right to use cookies on its site. If you do not want to allow the PES Canada to use cookies when you consult this site, it is possible to deactivate the cookies function on most browsers.



Please send your questions, comments or suggestions to the following address: On this page the term "Website" includes PES Canada website and all the applications it contains (extranet, mail system and all other related applications). The present Website is offered to users subject to certain General Conditions. By using this Website or any of its applications, you accept the General Conditions. This page states the General Conditions under which you may use the present Website. Please read this page carefully.



PES Canada is the owner of the content of this Website. The content of this Website as well as all of the applications are provided for information purposes only. Any information provided by any personnel of the PES Canada or by a third party authorized by PES Canada to provide such information shall take precedence over the information contained on this site. If you do not agree with one or more of the general conditions for use of this Website mentioned on this page, please do not use this Website. PES Canada cannot be held liable for any damages caused as a result of the use of this Website.



PES Canada is not responsible for any damages resulting from any actions taken based on the information contained on the present Website or for any damages sustained following the disclosure of personal or confidential information submitted on the Internet. PES Canada is not responsible for the content of websites accessed through external links on its site. When consulting these sites, you do so at your own risk. The external links present on this Website shall not be considered as recommendations and are placed on the site for information purposes only. PES Canada will pay no compensation or indemnity related to any aspect of or attributed to the use of this Website.



The information contained on this Website is protected by property rights and its distribution outside this Website must be authorized in writing by PES Canada . The reproduction, in part or in whole, of this content (information, texts, images, graphics or other) is strictly forbidden without the authorization of PES Canada. PES Canada cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the non-authorized reproduction or use of the information on this Website.

PES Canada reserves the right to cease or interrupt the online activities relating to this Website without prior notice. By using the present Website, you waive all rights to any type of legal action against PES Canada. PES Canada reserves the right to modify its conditions for use and/or its Privacy Policat any time without prior notice.

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